Huffington, hairs, and hearts, oh my

Thanks for all the love from my last post. Sometimes before I click the “publish” button, I start to doubt myself and worry that I might come off sounding a bit too angry or a bit too sarcastic that day. And then, ultimately, a voice that says who gives a s— gets in my head, and I click the button and hope for the best. Turns out people tend to react quite positively when I am at my most blunt and honest. So I thank you for that, and consequently, I will try to not doubt myself in those moments where I am feeling particularly truthful.

Here is a summary of my past week, for those who are interested in that kind of thing.

  • Hung out with some nice lady friends where we talked non-cancer things and ate delicious pizza, the remainder of which I ate the next morning for breakfast (Judge me at your own risk.)
  • Blasted songs from The Lion King with my sister and then danced around to some P!nk song. Both bizarre choices, yet very therapeutic nonetheless
  • Had a nice visit with a friend from out of town and discovered we both have the same belief that cats are evil and trying to kill us
  • Watched Silver Linings Playbook. Two thumbs up
  • Got completely sucked into the American Idol auditions and all of the I’m an orphan with three children and I have cancer and lost my leg and my dog is blind and I’m deaf but I’m still singing anyway type of stories. I love it. I can’t help it
  • Started losing my eyebrow hairs and some lashes, although most are being stubborn and hanging in there for now, so I give them an A for effort
  • Realized showering when you’re bald is much easier than showering when you’re not bald. So that’s something
  • Got some back/spinal bone pain which is an unfortunate side effect of an injection I receive to give my white blood cells a boost. Nothing ventured, nothing gained
  • Had another heart echo test where I got to hear my heart beat very loudly, which I think had a pretty solid horror movie beat to it, if anyone needs me for any sound effects in the future
  • Was invited to publish my blogs on the Huffington Post, the first of which appeared a couple days ago, enabling thousands more people to suggest magical cures for my cancer
  • Had two doctor’s appointments which I had hoped would be helpful, but left me feeling more frustrated and stressed than I had been in a while
  • Got home after appointment #2 and sobbed and had a pity party of one and maybe punched a thing or two (No humans were harmed.)
  • Received this handmade card from a very kind person who doesn’t even know me. Turns out it was just the reminder I needed:


13 thoughts on “Huffington, hairs, and hearts, oh my

  1. You are awesome! Your writing is awesome! Your humour is awesome! I would give anything to take that damn disease away from you ( and so many others). I watched my son go through what you are going through. He had stem cell therapy and is now in remission. He was diagnosed at 21 and is now 36. He is not cured but has lived his life in remission. He suffered the same horrible side effects you have described and did it with so much courage it blows me away. You blow me away too! I will cross everything for you in the days to come and pray you hang on and you triumph over cancer! Sending you Oceans of Love.. Xxoo Sheryl

  2. Steph, I think you are amazing! your honesty is so refreshing! Continue to “say it like it is” and make NO apologies about it! Congratulations on being “published”. Love, Helene

  3. Congratulations and getting published at the Huffington Post; that’s all kinds of awesome. I’d also like to point out that your first published item there had “F**K” in your first headline. Stay classy, ‘Zog.

  4. Was recommended to check out your blog…am so glad that I did…I have now saved it as one of my fave’s…I am two years out from breast/cervical cancer diagnosis (double whammy) and am heading into my checkups in the next couple of weeks. Love your humour…will be cheering you on from afar šŸ™‚

  5. Ugh…with ya on the cat thing. Can’t wait to see Silver Linings Playbook…you’ve kinda become my movie previewer/critic.

    1. People sometimes think I’m heartless because I don’t like cats. Baby kittens are alright, but the grown ones freak me out. I’ve been chased by them on the street and I really am convinced they are all plotting to kill me, I even have nightmares about it sometimes!

  6. Lynnette recommended your blog to us and although we don’t have breasts (well, we call them moobs, not boobs…and there are some days where we feel as though they require restraining by a bra) you’ve offered fantastic insight as to the roller coaster of emotions cancer patients experience. Keep up the insights/frustrations/tribulations and humour as you continue your battle. By putting your thoughts to paper (or in this case cyber world), you’re educating those of us who can only stand on the side lines cheering you along.

  7. a) you Rock my universe.
    b) I’m with you guys about the cats….i had to live with one for a month in Brooklyn and it tried to make me jump out the window!!!
    c) xoxx

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