throwback thursday

When you wake up one day
and big chunks of your hair are falling out
because you’ve had your first dose of chemotherapy
and your chest aches
and it is hard to move freely
because you’ve had your breasts removed
and you have ugly scars all over the place
and you know everything is about to get a lot worse
you can crawl into the corner and put a bag over your head and scream

or you can put on a really cheesy pop song
and dance really poorly
even though your plastic surgeon would probably not be too pleased

Sometimes, you just make a choice.


23 thoughts on “throwback thursday

  1. Steph – i just wanted to let you know that the stuff people spray on mirrors at shiva houses is that ‘fake snow’ stuff that people decorate with a christmas time. Someone can probably find some for you at a craft store or walmart or something. (You could also have fun with it and just paint your mirrors with washable paint! On a day you have energy, in preparation for a day when you don’t.)

  2. wow all i can say is you are quite the dancer. You just make everyone want to get up an dance. You are the reason people want to get up and face the world. love and big kisses Rhoda an Sherwin

  3. I like your choice. Heres to you and others like you choosing to dance in the face of challenge and adversity. Heres to awkward dancing at its finest. And heres to keeping it real – cause who would believe you if you didnt!

  4. You are an energetic dancer!!!!! Your blogs seem to be helping the world!!!! Keep them coming!!!!

  5. Dance like nobody’s watching!!

    Cousins Michele, Mike, Kate, Maddy and Patrick xo

  6. Wow! All we can say is that we’re glad you made the choice to dance in the midst of treatment. You are such a graceful dancer. We all know from your posts that there are plenty of down moments, which are to be expected, especially during the chemo treatments. However, we continue to be impressed by your spirit and resilience.

    Marilyn and Bobby

  7. Love the photo! Dance away girl, glad to see you look happy! Have a wonderful Holiday weekend! 🙂

  8. Love the moves, Steph! I hope watching this clip makes you want to groove, despite whatever crap is going on.

  9. Thanks I needed that….chemo two weeks ago Hair is now falling out…feeling sorry for myself…thanks for the kick in the butt…

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