26 thoughts on “Vlog?

  1. Great work and moving into another medium of expression. Nice to see your mannerisms, which reminded me of your Uncle David. Ah, family. Take care and glad you had a day of respite.

  2. I was writing my own blog in my head today in the car and thinking about how I wished I could dictate it but that I don’t speak out loud as well as I write (something that is unfortunate in my chosen career when sometimes I have to speak without a script in front of me and sound like a blundering fool!). This inner monologue made me think of you and your vlog and that made me smile on a really tough morning of a really tough week. So thanks for continuing to put yourself out there in the most vulnerable and honest ways. It makes a world of difference.

  3. Steph ,you look and sound great,keep it up,it WILL get better for you, a little bluebird told me so.
    Love as always Unc Jack-Aunt Fran.

  4. Stephanie, your eyes are looking fabulous! And, if you don’t already know it, you and Brandy make a terrific team. Thanks for your honesty, your bravery and your ability to keep a sense of humour during this crappy time. Peace out to you too!

  5. I too am in similar circumstances … Regarding Your leg and arm pain ….. Try and eat a banana a day , and have a hot Epsom salt bath every night before bed . Walmart and Costco carry the largest size for the least $$ I also had to buy an Australian fur to lie on at night as my bones just plain hurt !! Hang in there , stay positive , and try to laugh !! Cuz it’s better than the alternative ❤

    Sent from my iPod

  6. I love all your blogs and your vlog!!! You look so good!!!!!! I will be thinking about you next

    1. Hi Stehp, I loved reading all the blogs that I have posted, seeing you on video made me smile, all I can see is this beautiful young lady who will rise to to the occasion. I will be thinking of you next Wednesday. Love your Brandi

      Love you!

  7. Steph: if they make a movie about you, it is abundantly clear that you should be played by Zooey Deschanel – Adorkable!!! (That’s a compliment in case you don’t follow the show)

    PS – hope its ok that I called you Steph. I feel like we’re friends cause I’m following along with your life but we don’t really know each other. Hope the assumed familiarity is not awkward or out of line.

    PPS – if you’re looking for things to read when home or hospital bound, you can check out my blog – http://www.pearlsandpitbulls.wordpress.com – and then you can feel like you know me better than you really do and we can be even. 🙂

  8. You are soooooo cute!! Love your big beautiful brown eyes and your sassy ways! Good to see you in action and enjoying your day. I just told my childhood friend Linda about you. She is starting Chemo on Monday. Booooo! She will certainly find some common thread with your journey through cancerland. You are an inspiration. Keep Rock’en On!

    Stephanie in LA

  9. Love this, although dad had to explain that you didn’t just post a photo of yourself. I didn’t know it was a video. Ah, old people :). Glad you had a day of sunshine! xo

  10. Steph! This is fantastic…you look great and it’s nice to see you. Brandy suits you and I love that you enjoy the “shit” people send. Glad to see you in happier spirits. Looking forward to more Vlogs…and yes, that’s a thing people say! 🙂

  11. LOVE it!!! More Vlogs please!
    You crack me up duck.
    So great to hear your voice and see you smiling.

  12. Stephanie, How great it is to see you, I like your vblog! I can ‘t believe how much you look like your parents! You are a perfect combination of both of them! It is so good to hear you say you are feeling better! Here’s to feeling better each and every day!
    Xo Helene

  13. I loved your “vlog”! It’s great to really see you, and of course, Brandy 🙂
    You look great, though I know you have had many hurdles and many more to come. Your strength and spirit is an inspiration to us all. Keep sharing your info., you are an inspiration to us all. Of course, our family is keeping you in our thoughts and prayers. Larry Brooks is an old classmate of ours from the Medical College of Virginia, and we will be catching up with him this weekend for our 30th Reunion!! We will give him a hug from you.

  14. it’s great to see you! Love the Vlog! it’s wonderful to see you happier and feeling better. Love the Poster! Keep kicking ass one cupcake at a time! 🙂

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